Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Does Powerline's Endorsement Matter?

I don't think so. John O had pointed out something to me on Powerline months ago and I said I had stopped reading it. I just didn't find it original anymore. Today I removed Powerline from our blogroll, yeah that's gonna hurt, and replaced them with Dan Riehl's blog. I hope we directed literally ten's of our readership to him. (I hope his servers can handle the traffic.)

Frankly, I doubt few, if any, endorsements matter, let alone from a blog, mine included. But for Powerline to equate "establishment" candidate with "someone who won tough elections and governed successfully" is as nonsensical, as it is insulting to those of us who would prefer a less establishment-aligned candidate. But then, PL is an establishment blog. They seem to be as tone deaf as Mitt's campaign given their phrasing. Furthermore, if they really thought Pawlenty, who turned tail and ran before the corn was ripe in Iowa, was the guy, just how good might be their judgment in selecting a candidate? Given that, not very good if you ask me. Their second choice has been running since 2008 and can't get much beyond 20%. I can only imagine how weak Romney will prove to be in the general. Last night a PPP poll had Ron Paul beating Mitt among Republicans. That's a loser, in my opinion.

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