Wednesday, December 28, 2011


The future is so bright...

...our energy future, that is, if we get a new president. (Via Hot Air.) Our recoverable reserves of oil, natural gas, and coal are so large that we could be energy independent. In fact, we could be a net energy exporter. Oh wait, we are already. It would be nice if it wasn't because of a weak economy, however.

Total Recoverable Resources: 1.79 trillion barrels.
-Enough oil to fuel every passenger car in the United States for 30 years
-Almost twice as much as the combined proved reserves of all OPEC nations
-More than six times the proved reserves of Saudi Arabia

Total Recoverable Resources: 4.244 quadrillion cubic feet.
-Enough natural gas to provide the United States with electricity for 575 years at current
natural gas generation levels
-Enough natural gas to fuel homes heated by natural gas in the United States for 857 years
-More natural gas than the all of next five largest national proved reserves (more than
Russia, Iran, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Turkmenistan)

Total Recoverable Resources: 497 billion short tons.
-Provide enough electricity for approximately 500 years at coal’s current level of
consumption for electricity generation
-More coal than any other country in the world
-More than the combined total of the top five non-North American countries’ reserves.
(Russia, China, Australia, India, and Ukraine)
-Almost three times as much coal as Russia, which has the world’s second largest reserves.

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