Wednesday, January 11, 2012


CES 2012: HDTV

Not that you can't go to Gizmodo, Engadget, DVice, etc. to find this stuff but I thought it would be nice to make it easier on you, and me, to find this stuff in the future.

-First is LG's OLED because it is the FUTURE. Very nice, can't wait to buy it in 2014 when my children are old enough not to destroy it. Of course, cost matters and LG seems to get it that people are not going to pay a lot more for OLED because the difference in picture is not worth that much. Baby steps is a good policy and I can wait until 2016.

-Speaking of the future, her is the LG's ultra high definition TV. At 84 inches it might be something they build since there is some demand for huge screens. I take that back, they will never build this unless it is OLED.

-One problem with all TVs is that we are still tethered to our remotes. In the future, which is next year, TVs will have Kinect-like abilities. TVs with apps and with built in functionality like Directv are nice but I own a PS3 and Xbox so I have plenty of ways to connect to content. I don't know if I want to pay a premium to have it built in. Of course, if I could just think about changing the channel that would be cool. Samsung smart interaction gesture controlled HDTV demo.

-Sony is doing something weird and like all things Sony you have to wonder if this is a gimmick or will Crystal LED TV be any better than OLED. They must think so because they seem to have gotten out of the OLED business. I do like Sony's 4k projector which seems a lot more practical. (Hands on.)

-Gizmodo explains the difference between $600 and $6000 TVs. (Hint: $5400.)

-Vizio integrates 3D, GoogleTV and has a 21:9 cinema display.

-Very weak holographic TV. Or very advanced 3D.

-Finally, this is not really about TV but it is about displays and place shifting. Onlive can stream Windows 7 to your Ipad. I assume it can do the same to an Android device. This would be a great way for me to work using a touchscreen without having to purchase a touchscreen monitor. (It would probably save me a lot of back strain, too.)

Update: Gizmodo: The future of TV is simple and good.

Engadget: The three Ds of CES TV.

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