Thursday, February 09, 2012


The Obama administration has just walked into a minefield

And they know it.

Abortion rights organizations, pro-choice Democrats, and the media have all characterized the debate over this contraception coverage rule as a struggle between the White House and the Catholic bishops. In its editorial supporting the decision, the New York Timespraised the Obama administration for "with[standing] pressure from Roman Catholic bishops and social conservatives." But that's not accurate.

No, it isn't accurate. In fact, the opposition to this decision is growing and solidifying.

-Southern Baptists,
-Rick Warren,
-Mark Shields.

How often do you get this group to agree on anything?

But the moonbats are just as adamant that it would be catastrophic to back down. They are doubling down on the Catholic bashing.

While one can appreciate that Rome would favor an anti-contraception "more children" policy—after all, you can only use a child for so long before he needs to be replaced—that hardly seems like sound health care policy for the United States.That might have something to do with the Church's decreasing "legitimacy" to dictate our laws and policies based on what the Church consideres "intrinsically evil." This is the same organization that now vows to protect women from birth control, just as they protected child rapists and molesters from the law. [Emphasis added.]

Did they just go there? Oh my they did... Way to alienate a group that went 54-45 % for Obama in 2008. That is why the Obama administration is furiously looking for a compromise that won't p.o. either the side. Unfortunately, that position doesn't exist. Someone is not going to be happy with what Obama does. This is the definition of a wedge issue; dividing your opponents in a way that one side will be very unhappy. But it gets worse.

But the most tone-deaf move -- the one guaranteed to turn the behind-the-scenes debate into a public controversy -- was made by whoever decided the administration should announce the final rule in connection with the anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision.

I hope this is the final nail in the coffin for the meme that the WH is populated with political geniuses.

The Atlantic article by Amy Sullivan suggests that there is a possible compromise- the Hawaii compromise. That cannot work if both sides remain opposed. Obama would need the left to tone down the rhetoric and would need some progressive Catholics to voice support. That doesn't appear to happening. We will see if Obama can walk out of this without too much damage but this was a fight of his choosing. The longer it remains unresolved the worse it hurts him.

P.S. Read the comments to the Atlantic article. Leftists and Catholics at each others throats. Like I said, the longer this festers the worse it is for Obama.

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