Tuesday, March 06, 2012


Our old friend, Jeremy Hammond, Indicted Again

If you don't remember Jeremy he was the hacker convicted of breaking into the Protest Warrior website in in 2005.

Hacker Indicted.

Chicago Reader profile of Jeremy Hammond.

Hacker Sentenced.

Hammond now faces up to 30 years for three different charges.

Federal prosecutors have charged Hammond with the December hacking of computers owned by the Texas-based private intelligence gathering firm Stratfor; allegedly stealing the personal data on hundreds of thousands of individual Stratfor clients, including a former U.S. vice president and CIA director.

You can make the argument that a 20 year old made a stupid mistake, was overly idealistic and deserves a break. A 27 year old man who has already been convicted is an incorrigible criminal and he deserves what he gets.

Update: Teach your children well...

His mother, Rose Collins, offered a heavy sigh when informed that the FBI had arrested her 27-year-old son.

"Again?" she asked. "I love my son, but he is a genius with no brain. He has a 168 IQ, but he has no wisdom."


The boys' parents, who never married, broke up before the twins started kindergarten, Collins said. Though they saw their mother on alternate weekends, the twins lived primarily with their father, Jack, a musician who encouraged them to speak out against perceived injustices.


Court records state Hammond was involved in militant, left-leaning activities and anarchist groups. For years, he has been a "freegan," someone who eats food that has been thrown into Dumpsters and elsewhere as "part of the anti-consumerist movement," according to records.

Hammond told friends he wanted to use Stratfor's stolen credit card information to make donations to liberal organizations, although he had not done so, court documents said.


"I am very proud of my kids, their social consciousness, their work ethic and their leadership qualities," Jack Hammond wrote.


Their mother, a tea party activist who now lives in Texas, said her sons ignore her when she suggests that they find more respectful ways to protest.

"I told them that when the tea party protests something, we clean up after ourselves and thank the police. But they don't listen," Collins said. "I'm not a genius, so in their view I couldn't possibly be right."

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