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Quickmeme: Lying Mike Daisey

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It's so sad to see someone lie for effect and when caught to try and justify their lie by claiming it was for a greater good. The left has been doing this a lot lately.

There is no answer to that question once you step outside of the liberal calculus in which all persons, no matter what their moral status as you see it, are weighed in an equal balance. Rather than relaxing or soft-pedaling your convictions about what is right and wrong, stay with them, and treat people you see as morally different differently. Condemn Limbaugh and say that Schultz and Maher may have gone a bit too far but that they’re basically O.K. If you do that you will not be displaying a double standard; you will be affirming a single standard, and moreover it will be a moral one because you will be going with what you think is good rather than what you think is fair. “Fair” is a weak virtue; it is not even a virtue at all because it insists on a withdrawal from moral judgment.

I know the objections to what I have said here. It amounts to an apology for identity politics. It elevates tribal obligations over the universal obligations we owe to each other as citizens. It licenses differential and discriminatory treatment on the basis of contested points of view. It substitutes for the rule “don’t do it to them if you don’t want it done to you” the rule “be sure to do it to them first and more effectively.” It implies finally that might makes right. I can live with that.

Here is the Retraction that This American Life ran this weekend. It is painful to listen to Daisey prevaricate but what is more painful is that he seems to have decided at some point to back off apologizing and go with the "I'm just a story teller" excuse.

Update: You can't make this stuff up. "Meeting people who had been injured working on the line building devices. Meeting people who had been exposed to chemicals which caused neurological damage."

Watching this knowing what we know it is just obvious that Daisey is a practiced liar.

Update: I guess journalists are all storytellers. Mike tells his stories and Ira Glass is telling a story with the Retraction episode of This American Life.

Many consider this week’s THIS AMERICAN LIFE episode one of the most painful they’ve ever listened to. In particular the segment with me is excruciating—four hours of grilling edited down to fifteen minutes. I thought the dead air was a nice touch, and finishing the episode with audio pulled out of context from my performance was masterful.

That’s Ira’s choice, and it’s his show. He’s a storyteller within the context of radio journalism, and I am a storyteller in the theater.

Daisey has just called Glass a liar. This story will not be going away.

Update: Mike Daisey mocking James Frey.

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