Thursday, April 05, 2012


Younger Women Turning to Domesticity

The Roe effect strikes feminism.

I know women who grew up with progressive mothers. Almost all of them turned out progressive themselves. However, in the new generation there simply aren’t as many of them. Some women from conservative families became progressive, but most of them are content to live life as their mothers did. Recruiting these women didn’t really work.

It’s looking more and more as though feminism may simply deal with itself in the same manner the Shakers did. The Shakers may have been America’s first influential gender equality movement, and they rejected marriage and procreation. Shaker membership peaked in the early 19th century at about 6,000. Today, there are three Shakers in the US. In contrast, the ultra-traditional Amish have seen their ranks nearly double in the last twenty years alone. Despite the enormous impact feminism had on the West over the last half century, it may turn out to be merely a flash in the pan; a demographic dead end. Ironically, however, in retrospect we may see that it had one of the most enduring demographic impacts on Western populations of any movement or event in US history. By pushing down the fertility rate of an enormous cohort of Western women and aborting untold numbers of children, feminists may have successfully marginalized and all but assured the extermination of a particular group of Americans: themselves.

I would guess that every movement that turned away from valuing the family eventually died out.



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