Wednesday, July 04, 2012


What Gay Marriage Means

My answer to the Maggie Gallagher's gay marriage, and axiomatically, marriage debate.

IMHO, the U.S. is becoming more libertarian.  This is reflected in the attitudes towards same sex marriage.  The Left was smart and framed the debate as being about the freedom to marry, a deeply conservative institution that gays want to join.  Who can be against people wanting to be more conservative?  It is difficult to argue against people wanting to be married because it is difficult to say that SSM damages marriage more than the widely accepted institution of divorce.  Conservative women are not clamoring to give up the perks of family court and they are not, as far as I can see, less likely to use that institution to harm their ex-husbands.

Honestly, I am conservative and I have yet to read a decent argument against SSM.  (I would appreciate someone linking one.)  For a change, the conservative movement ought to think more holistically.  The Left still doesn't give a damn about marriage but they know how to frame the debate in terms of freedom; an appeal that will garner a lot of support in our narcissistic society.  How about we strengthen marriage by arguing for more freedom, freedom for men.  Argue that unmarried men should be free to choose not to be parents.  Choice for men.

Use their arguments against their interests.  Leftists are always about protecting their identity groups. They will never abandon unmarried women or their interests.  Leftist policy positions always protect their constituencies.  Here is a chance for conservatives to use their tactic against them.  Force Leftists to argue for choice for women but against choice for men.

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