Sunday, September 30, 2012


“Rob, steal and kill. That’s the only way. We didn’t grow up in Beverly Hills. We don’t get it handed to us.”

Yes, I remember getting everything handed to me.

“We’ve got to eat. We want to. We want money. We want to get fresh, we want fresh eggs almost every day. We want all that,” another young man said.
But where do they get the money they need? The young man answered bluntly.
“Rob, steal and kill. That’s the only way. We didn’t grow up in Beverly Hills. We don’t get it handed to us,” he said.
“We ain’t living in Hyde Park,” added a third young man. The home of the University of Chicago is only a couple of miles away from Englewood – geographically, at least.
But given the state of their impoverished Englewood neighborhood, where is the money they can get?
“Selling drugs,” a young man replied. “In our neighborhood, I ain’t going to lie to you. That’s where the money comes from.”
Some of the young men were brought into gangs as children. Isn’t that pretty young to play gang warfare?
This is one of the reasons I am for drug decriminalization. As long as they are illegal they will be the best choice for a lot of poor young men. Why work at McDonald's when you can sell drugs? No doubt Englewood is a sad, troubled place. There are good arguments that the pathologies which keep it poor are best solved with more aid. However, until the siren song of the drug trade is ended there is little the private sector can offer to lure people to a productive life and few carrots or sticks the public sector can offer to end the cycle of poverty.

How do black people get the idea that white people have everything handed to them in their head?


Friday, September 28, 2012


Saturday Night Live slams Obama

This is the toughest I have seen them take on Obama ever.  When it started I told my wife that it probably end up goofing on Romney but as it went on I was actually shocked that they would hit him so hard on the state of the economy.


Couples who share the housework are more likely to divorce, study finds

In what appears to be a slap in the face for gender equality, the report found the divorce rate among couples who shared housework equally was around 50 per cent higher than among those where the woman did most of the work. 
What we’ve seen is that sharing equal responsibility for work in the home doesn’t necessarily contribute to contentment,” said Thomas Hansen, co-author of the study entitled “Equality in the Home”. [Emphasis added.]

Be content, vacuum alone.

Maybe it’s sometimes seen as a good thing to have very clear roles with lots of clarity ... where one person is not stepping on the other’s toes,” he suggested. 
“There could be less quarrels, since you can easily get into squabbles if both have the same roles and one has the feeling that the other is not pulling his or her own weight.” [Emphasis added.]
IOW, division of labor and not micromanaging your spouse will lead to chores being accomplished.  I have no problem washing dishes, although the MIL takes care of that now.  I just don't want to be told how to wash dishes.  It also helps to take on tasks that you care about.  My wife thought she needed to tell me how to BBQ.  Please.  So I walked away, if she wants it done her way then best to let her do it.  Recently, she has realized I am competent grillmaster.  

But the deeper reasons for the higher divorce rate, he suggested, came from the values of “modern” couples rather than the chores they shared. 
“Modern couples are just that, both in the way they divide up the chores and in their perception of marriage” as being less sacred, Mr Hansen said. “In these modern couples, women also have a high level of education and a well-paid job, which makes them less dependent on their spouse financially.

You mean traditional roles have a purpose beyond furthering the patriarchy?  They actually lead to happiness?  Oh my, don't tell these guys.  


Foster The People - Don't Stop (Color On The Walls)


Thursday, September 27, 2012


Obama Voter Says Vote for Obama because he gives a free Phone

Wow, Wanda Sykes has really let herself go looks really good.  

Tuesday, September 25, 2012 Removing the partisan skew from polls

That is, using the Rasmussen reports party identification numbers to weight various polls.  If you do that the race isn't even close.  Romney is clubbing Obama.

Dean Chambers, a blogger on who writes from his home in Duffield, Virginia, took that complaint a step further — producing wide Romney leads far beyond what the Republican's campaign or Republican pollsters have suggested is the case.
He created the site, retooling national polling data this July after reading an ABC News/Washington Post poll that "just didn't look right." Looking at the internal data, Chambers saw that the polling unit had sampled more Democrats than Republicans.
"There's no way they can justify that sample," Chambers, 44, told BuzzFeed.
Since July, Chambers has re-weighted national polling data from organizations like Gallup, ARG, and the three networks, to fit the Rasmussen Reports partisan trends. Chambers has published 30 "unskewed" polls on his website and, a national network that pays independent bloggers on a wide range of subject by traffic. In the last month, Chambers's tooled polls have Romney up by seven or more points.

So what are the latest unskewed polls?

Feeling better now?

(Via Hot Air.)


How a broker spent $520m in a drunken stupor and moved the global oil price

I always made money when I traded drunk.

Friday, September 21, 2012


Of Monsters and Men - Little Talks


Thursday, September 20, 2012


Obama's flag

The handwriting is on the wall.


TEDxWestlake - Dylan Evans - "What can we learn from expert gamblers?"

 Risk intelligence test

About the Risk Intelligence Test

Risk Intelligence Quotient (RQ) is a measure of a person's ability to estimate probabilities accurately. People with high risk intelligence tend to make better predictions than those with low RQ.
The test consists of 50 statements which may be true or false. Your task is to say how likely you think it is that each statement is true:
Make sure you're sitting comfortably with no distractions. The test will take about five minutes to complete. If you wish to know more about risk intelligence, then continue reading towards the bottom of the page.
This test is rather unusual in that you can score very highly even if you don’t know much. That’s because this test measures self-knowledge rather than factual knowledge. It rewards you for gauging your own level of uncertainty accurately, rather than for knowing a bunch of facts.
Risk intelligence really comes into its own when you are neither completely certain nor completely uncertain – in other words, when you give estimates from 10% to 40% or between 60% and 90% (assuming that we only allow ten percent increments in the estimates). This is the twilight zone between the stuff you really know and the stuff about which you don’t have a clue.
Think of your mind as a light bulb shining in a dark room. Those objects which are fully illuminated by the light from the bulb are the things you know for sure. The objects which are still shrouded in darkness are the things about which you know nothing. Between the light and the darkness, however, lies a grey area in which the level of illumination gradually shades away. In this “event horizon”, the objects are not fully illuminated, but neither are they completely invisible. These are the things which you don’t know for sure, but which you have an inkling. Gauging exactly how much you know you about these things is the basis of risk intelligence.

My score was 63.68%.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


We Are Now One Year Away From Global Riots, Complex Systems Theorists Say

Today, the food price index is hovering around 213, where it has stayed for months—just beyond the tip of the identified threshold. Low corn yield in the U.S., the world’s most important producer, has helped keep prices high.
“Recent droughts in the mid-western United States threaten to cause global catastrophe,” Yaneer Bar-Yam, one of the authors of the report, recently told Al Jazeera. “When people are unable to feed themselves and their families, widespread social disruption occurs. We are on the verge of another crisis, the third in five years, and likely to be the worst yet, capable of causing new food riots and turmoil on a par with the Arab Spring.”
They pin it on global warming.  I say it's Quantitative Easing.

Monday, September 17, 2012


U Didn't Build That by MC 'Bama - by Hugh Atkin


The Magnitude of the Mess We're In

-Did you know that annual spending by the federal government now exceeds the 2007 level by about $1 trillion?
-Did you know that, during the last fiscal year, around three-quarters of the deficit was financed by the Federal Reserve? 
-Did you know that the Federal Reserve is now giving money to banks, effectively circumventing the appropriations process?
-Did you know that funding for federal regulatory agencies and their employment levels are at all-time highs?
-Did you know that the federal government used the bankruptcy of two auto companies to transfer money that belonged to debt holders such as pension funds and paid it to friendly labor unions?
The problem is that most people do not know these facts.  If you do know them then you understand the  huge mess we have and why our credit rating is being downgraded.  

We might be years away from a financial meltdown, it might be weeks away, but we will have one if we do not correct the problems we have now and continuing the Obama policy of borrowing and spending is not the solution.

Friday, September 14, 2012


The Shins - Phantom Limb


Thursday, September 13, 2012


Honey, You Didn't Build That

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Dick Morris: Romney's new ads are great

The focus on the key question of whether we are better off now than four years ago is brilliant. It thoroughly exploits the opening Obama — and particularly — Clinton left for Romney at their convention. By telling Americans they are better off now than four years ago, the Democrats are really asking us to believe their speeches, not the evidence of our own eyes. Americans won’t fall for it and the Democrats have left themselves open to their devastating answer: “Hell no! We are not better off! Not by a long shot! And if you think we are, you’re living on another planet.”

I agree.  Saying that you are better off because of some hypothetical disaster that was avoided is not a smart strategy.  In fact, the Daily Show mocked the Democrats for saying that.  One thing the Daily Show is really good at is getting ahead of the Democrat's mistakes.  I'd bet that the Obama campaign will craft an answer for this really quick.

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
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Joe Biden does it again.

If you haven't seen the picture of Joe Biden with the bikers yet you must be living under a rock.  If you didn't giggled when you saw it...well maybe that was just me.  Either way, this photo is just begging for a photoshop.  I doubt this is as bad as Dukakis in the tank simply because there is probably nothing that Biden could do to embarrass himself more than he already has.

More to come as inspiration strikes me.  


Study Confirms Men and Women See Things Differently, Blames Evolution

Feminists hit hardest.

On the other hand, the men did remarkably well in tracking fast-moving objects. The test had a bank of blinking lights with a thinner, faster light that moved about the board. The researchers blame the development of neurons in the visual cortex for this ability. Women are born with 25% fewer neurons in this area than men, thus explaining the improved performance.
Given that hunters were required to distinguish between predator and prey at a distance, and gatherers were required to tell if, say, berries were ripe, the team concludes that we evolved to fit certain roles better. Those that were fit for the task survived, while others did not.

Of course, this is impossible since gender is a social construct.

Friday, September 07, 2012


Oleander-Why I'm Here



DNC Lacking Same Delusional Magic It Had In 2008

The Onion must have hired a conservative.

Tuesday, September 04, 2012


The Wreckers - With Lyrics!

Monday, September 03, 2012



Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful people with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan “press on” has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race.  ~ Calvin Coolidge

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