Friday, September 28, 2012


Couples who share the housework are more likely to divorce, study finds

In what appears to be a slap in the face for gender equality, the report found the divorce rate among couples who shared housework equally was around 50 per cent higher than among those where the woman did most of the work. 
What we’ve seen is that sharing equal responsibility for work in the home doesn’t necessarily contribute to contentment,” said Thomas Hansen, co-author of the study entitled “Equality in the Home”. [Emphasis added.]

Be content, vacuum alone.

Maybe it’s sometimes seen as a good thing to have very clear roles with lots of clarity ... where one person is not stepping on the other’s toes,” he suggested. 
“There could be less quarrels, since you can easily get into squabbles if both have the same roles and one has the feeling that the other is not pulling his or her own weight.” [Emphasis added.]
IOW, division of labor and not micromanaging your spouse will lead to chores being accomplished.  I have no problem washing dishes, although the MIL takes care of that now.  I just don't want to be told how to wash dishes.  It also helps to take on tasks that you care about.  My wife thought she needed to tell me how to BBQ.  Please.  So I walked away, if she wants it done her way then best to let her do it.  Recently, she has realized I am competent grillmaster.  

But the deeper reasons for the higher divorce rate, he suggested, came from the values of “modern” couples rather than the chores they shared. 
“Modern couples are just that, both in the way they divide up the chores and in their perception of marriage” as being less sacred, Mr Hansen said. “In these modern couples, women also have a high level of education and a well-paid job, which makes them less dependent on their spouse financially.

You mean traditional roles have a purpose beyond furthering the patriarchy?  They actually lead to happiness?  Oh my, don't tell these guys.  


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