Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Dick Morris: Romney's new ads are great

The focus on the key question of whether we are better off now than four years ago is brilliant. It thoroughly exploits the opening Obama — and particularly — Clinton left for Romney at their convention. By telling Americans they are better off now than four years ago, the Democrats are really asking us to believe their speeches, not the evidence of our own eyes. Americans won’t fall for it and the Democrats have left themselves open to their devastating answer: “Hell no! We are not better off! Not by a long shot! And if you think we are, you’re living on another planet.”

I agree.  Saying that you are better off because of some hypothetical disaster that was avoided is not a smart strategy.  In fact, the Daily Show mocked the Democrats for saying that.  One thing the Daily Show is really good at is getting ahead of the Democrat's mistakes.  I'd bet that the Obama campaign will craft an answer for this really quick.

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