Friday, May 31, 2013


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"Tax The Rich (More)?": Paul Krugman And Newt Gingrich Square Off

Via Zero Hedge.

The debate actually starts at the 15:00 minutes mark.

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Thursday, May 30, 2013


South Portland doctor stops accepting insurance, posts prices online

“I’ve been able to cut my prices in half because my overhead will be so much less,” he said.
Before, Ciampi charged $160 for an office visit with an existing patient facing one or more complicated health problems. Now, he charges $75.
Patients with an earache or strep throat can spend $300 at their local hospital emergency room, or promptly get an appointment at his office and pay $50, he said.
Ciampi collects payment at the end of the visit, freeing him of the time and costs associated with sending bills, he said.
That time is crucial to Ciampi. When his patients come to his office, they see him, not a physician’s assistant or a nurse practitioner, he said.
“If more doctors were able to do this, that would be real health care reform,” he said. “That’s when we’d see the cost of medicine truly go down.”


Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Borrowing is the new smoking

You can probably figure out what I am thinking of doing with my life by the subject matter of this article.  (I am trying my best to avoid confirmation bias, BTW.)  But that isn't why I am posting this.

The overwrought atmosphere has created irrationalities that prevent talented students from realizing their ambitions. Last spring we accepted an excellent student with a generous financial-aid package that left her with the need to borrow only $5,000 a year. She told us that she thought it would be “irresponsible” to borrow the money. She didn’t attend any law school. I think that was extremely shortsighted, but this prevailing attitude discourages bright students from attending law school.  [Emphasis added.]

Debt can be bad and I will yield to no one when it comes to chastising my fellow Americans for their severe shortsightedness when it came to accumulating debt over the past couple of decades.  That said this young lady has taken debt avoidance to an absurd level.  $15,000 for a law school education is very cheap and even in the worst case scenario she would pay that back in 5 years.  Of course, I don't know what debt she is carrying from undergrad and she might have a great job lined up now.  Still, I would jump at the chance to attend law school at that price.

Sunday, May 26, 2013


To the old Bushies trying to claim "true conservatism"

Pete Wehner is missing the whole point of why the Tea Party is so furious with the GOP Establishment. Yes, we think that they are a bunch of squishes, hacks and sell-outs. That is true. But we also think despite all their advanced degrees, they're stupid. We think that their ideas on immigration are crazier than anything they claim Sarah Palin or Michelle Bachmann ever dreamed up. We think their economic policies make Herman Cain look like J.P. Morgan. And we think their political judgment is childish, and that they are always, always being rolled by the Democrats. We certainly don't think they are showing Wisdom, Good Judgment, Sobriety, Foresight, or Prudence. When they start showing those fine qualities, we will take them more seriously.

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Wednesday, May 22, 2013


The Biology of Dads - Full documentary


Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Nevada New Home Owners Bill of Rights SB 321

We bought closed on our house in March.  We paid $112/sq.ft.  The house across the street went on the market two weeks ago at $195/sq.ft.  I think that is nuts.  They don't even have a view.  They won't get that much but the average house in our zip is offered at $141/sq.ft.  Holy smokes did we get lucky.

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Friday, May 17, 2013


DIIV "How Long Have You Known?"


Monday, May 13, 2013


One Brave Judge Resists Feminist Agenda

Why are men with clean histories except for one domestic dispute punished like hardened criminals who mug strangers on the street? The answer is that the feminist agenda calls for domestic-violence laws to punish husbands and fathers above and beyond what can be proven in court under due-process procedures. 
When U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., voted for the federal law prohibiting a man from owning a gun if he has a domestic violence conviction, she stated, "It is an unfortunate fact that many domestic violence offenders are never convicted of a felony. Outdated or ineffective laws often treat domestic violence as a lesser offense. ... Plea bargains often result in misdemeanor convictions for what are really felony crimes." 
In other words, Feinstein wants to pretend a man is a felon even if he is not. That's the feminist anti-male agenda.


One chip said to another...

"Two Chips" / An Animated Short from Adam Patch on Vimeo.


Saturday, May 11, 2013


MSNBC on Benghazi Cover Up: Looks "Clintonian"--There's Risk of "Impeachment"

You will not believe your ears.  MSNBC commentators admitting that this week has been an unmitigated disaster for the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton in particular.  Funny side note:  Listen for the gasp as one of them uses the word Clintonian.

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Friday, May 10, 2013


Mr. Little Jeans - The Suburbs


Thursday, May 09, 2013


This is why I quit trading

Starting in 2006 I started noticing very large orders coming into the market quickly and cancelling just as quickly.  It became impossible for a small trader to make markets because these big orders would get most of the trade and they would enter the market at just the right time to buy the bid or sell the offer.  Now I know how they were doing it.  (Although I have suspected this for years.)  It points out one aspect of high frequency trading (HFT), it doesn't add liquidity to the market.  It adds volume and that is very different from liquidity.  Liquidity means that a buyer and seller knows how many contracts they can sell or buy at a particular price.  By looking at the market at any given second you cannot tell if the contracts will be there when you press the button to execute.   One of, if not they, primary purpose of futures markets is price discovery.  HFT makes finding where the market is trading more difficult.

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Dove Real Beauty Sketches: #Balls


Monday, May 06, 2013


Sulky little bitch can’t manage her money, threatens her husband with divorce if he doesn’t give her more. Sulky bitch is clearly also a stupid bitch.

Read the whole thing.

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Why the Left hates families

Self-centred individualism and self-justification ruled, regardless of the damage done to others. Surely, though, the essence of being ‘progressive’ was to protect the most vulnerable? Yet these ‘progressives’ were elevating their own desires into rights that trumped the emotional, physical and intellectual well-being of their children — and then berated as heartless reactionaries those who criticised them!

Ideology trumps results.  We are going to see this with Obamacare in spades and the progressives are going down in flames because of it.

Having experienced how the absence of proper fathering could screw up a child for life, I believed I was doing no more than stating the obvious when I deplored the explosion of lone parenting, female-headed households and mass fatherlessness. 
But, to my amazement, at The Guardian, I found that over this and many other issues, I was branded as reactionary, authoritarian and, of course, Right-wing. The result was social ostracism. One of the mentors I had looked up to — a thoughtful person, independent-minded and intellectually curious, or so I had thought — simply walked off rather than talk to me about these issues.All this was very painful. I was accosted angrily by someone I had previously thought of as a friend.  
‘How can you possibly say that family breakdown hurts children?’ he spat out at me. 
‘The worst damage to a child is always done by the traditional nuclear family!’I could only gaze at him, defeated by the stupendous shallowness of such an attitude.  
The ones who were the most aggressive and offended, I noticed, were those who had walked out on their families or were cheating on their spouses.

When you have no values you resent those that do.

This revealed another sad truth about the Left. What matters to them above all is that they are seen to be virtuous and compassionate. They simply cannot deal with the possibility that they might not be. 
They deal with any such suggestion not by facing up to any harm they may be doing, but by shutting down the argument altogether.  
That’s because the banner behind which they march is not altruism, as they kid themselves. It is narcissism. [Emphasis added.]
Please read the whole thing.  I know you hear that often but this article really is something special.

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Saturday, May 04, 2013


Parents of Reddit, what is the creepiest thing your young child has ever said to you?

Go over and read some of them, they are hilarious. One of my favorites:

Around four or five months ago, at like 3:00am I was awoken by a very weird growling sound. Disoriented and in the dark I started to come to and for the life of me couldn't figure out what the sound was. I had fallen asleep on the couch in the living room which added to my confusion. I was thinking maybe the cat had caught something, but really had no idea.
As my vision started to come around, this three foot grotesque looking shadow thing starts to appear a few feet in front of me. Just standing there growling. Creepy. Even though in reality it only took me a few seconds to figure out what was going out, I imagine my appearance would have been that of someone who was visibly shaken.
It was my son. My three year old son had snuck out of bed at three in the morning, found his hulk mask in the dark, and decided to go find daddy to play superheroes. I guess his idea of playing was to do a hulk growl two feet from my sleeping face until I woke up in a panic.
He ended up doing the same thing to my wife a few weeks later which, to me, was way more hilarious.


Friday, May 03, 2013


Carla Bruni - Quelqu'un m'a dit


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