Sunday, May 26, 2013


To the old Bushies trying to claim "true conservatism"

Pete Wehner is missing the whole point of why the Tea Party is so furious with the GOP Establishment. Yes, we think that they are a bunch of squishes, hacks and sell-outs. That is true. But we also think despite all their advanced degrees, they're stupid. We think that their ideas on immigration are crazier than anything they claim Sarah Palin or Michelle Bachmann ever dreamed up. We think their economic policies make Herman Cain look like J.P. Morgan. And we think their political judgment is childish, and that they are always, always being rolled by the Democrats. We certainly don't think they are showing Wisdom, Good Judgment, Sobriety, Foresight, or Prudence. When they start showing those fine qualities, we will take them more seriously.

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