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Obamacare will double my monthly premium

Conservatives have discovered a debate over Obamacare on the Daily Kos after one of their diarists had the temerity to criticize the law after he found out his premiums were doubling.  Lots of accusations of ideological impurity and claims of trollery and being an agent provocateur-- typical progressive/liberal behavior in the face of heterodox opinion.  

One comment caught my eye because it gives a peek into the coming increase in criticism of Obamacare as the law becomes more unpopular and, I think, progressives are forced to abandon it to keep the public from lynching them.

No. If your diary were singing the praises (5+ / 0-)of the ACA, it would be on the rec list by now. Because it contradicts the narrative that this law is all roses and sunshine for everybody, people are jumping all over you.
I'm shocked to look at the barrage of claims to the effect that it's your fault for not reading all the fine print. WTF should it be on us to sort through hundreds of pages of material on all the silly stupid caveats and exceptions the insurance companies impose in order to screw us out of our money? They generate mountains and mountains of garbage deliberately to and now they'll generate mountains more to confuse us even more.
The law is so complicated that no one can honestly say they understand it. Depending on what state you're in your amount of coverage and the options available could vary significantly; it's extremely uneven. Some states won't even have federally run exchanges, so who knows what you'll be getting.
People trumpet the subsidies for those who are too poor to get insurance, but if your income shifts your eligibility for subsidies may change as well and you may have to pay penalties as a result. And this could happen without your knowing because the law is so complicated.
I sort of have to laugh when people claim that it's the insurance companies' fault that this kind of thing is happening, and that the ACA has nothing to do with it. If the law were really any good, the companies wouldn't be allowed to pull this bullshit, would they? Would that not in fact be THE POINT of having such a law?
You shouldn't have to fucking shop for health insurance. Health care should be a right. You should be able to go to the doctor when you're sick and get treated. You should not have to worry "Am I covered for this doctor's visit or do I still have to pay for this one out of pocket? If I get sick on my trip to visit my folks, will I still be covered if I go to an out-of-network doctor? Is my income level exactly low enough to get subsidies, if I get this new job will I have to pay a penalty now?"
Life is hard enough as it is without having to worry about all these kinds of stupid minutiae imposed on you by the insurance companies that could nonetheless have a huge impact on your life.
What's so damned insidious about this market-based approach to health insurance "reform" is that so many Democrats have bought, hook, line, and sinker, into the notion that health care is a consumer product like TVs or smartphones, and the burden of responsibility to make decisions about the use and purchase of health care should therefore lie with the "consumer", i.e  sick people who aren't doctors and who know nothing about medicine except that they're sick. That's wrong, it's dehumanizing, it's twisted, it puts profits over human beings.
And yet this corporate mentality has completely infiltrated the Democratic party, thanks to Obama's embrace of an idea that was created by the Heritage Foundation, promoted by Bob Dole as a counter to Democratic proposals in the 1990s, and used by Mitt Romney--Obama's opponent in the last election--as the basis for his failed health care reform in Massachusetts.
Your story is far from the exception. And I am sure more such stories will appear as the law slowly and painfully rolls out.
DIEGO: I'm not convinced the the progressives will abandon Obamacare to keep the public from lynching them. I think the final answer will be what they set out for all along, single payer. They will champion simplicity and fairness, everyone pays the government and the government manages health care. Coupled with the argument that "We are not going back to the days..." it will be promoted as the only way to solve our health care 'crisis'. The 2014 elections may have a say in how this plays out but there is plenty of bipartisan support for this now.

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